Our Strategy

"Alelaj alawal for Medicine & Medical Equipment" aims to become the key player in Libya. It aims to become the key player by providing superior value and service to all of its customers and clients at all levels. 

Our Mission
To be a leader in marketing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods, delivering top quality products and impeccable services. We are specifically looking at developing business opportunities with international partners in Libya's skyrocketing Medicinal and Medical sector. "Alelaj alawal for Medicine & Medical Equipment" constantly researches the market it operates in for:

  • For evolution
  • For new business opportunities
  • For new insights
  • For newer ideas
  • For the newest products and services

Strategic Perspective

  • Our main perspective includes:
  • Assigning a personal Brand Manager for each partner
  • Enable firms to sell their own products including medicine and medical equipment
  • Establishing good contracts with private companies including oil companies.
  • Establishing key partnerships with international firms to allow them to join domestic players.
  • Listing your brand in major Key Accounts
  • Reporting on sales figures

Strategic Values

  • Chasing the needs of contemporary society
  • Committed to excel expectations
  • Flexibility and spirit of innovation
  • Loyalty to our partners
  • Team player